Saturday, November 21, 2009


Winter Heart

"Winter Heart"
November 2009
There's a deep freeze coming from the right.
Salvation lies to my left tonight.
If ever I doubted progress it was due to rain.
Blurring windows from seeing passed the chain.
No longer cursed like some gorgeous beast.
Lightning struck wildly from the East.
I've let myself fall through the toss and turn.
By another's painful slowing burn.
The sorrow we shared will never compare.
The others would never know and wouldn't care.
Back then it seemed like the thing to do best.
Traveling over lies heading further West.
The outer shell remains cold and blue.
Yet inside awakes something tepidly true.
The burns subside when we smother.
As we learn new rhythms from each other.
Racing passed centuries via the forth.
Through the veins flowing way up North.
A winter heart thawed out by greed.
With a different variation and greater speed.
It has us fighting another skillful bout.
The core now warm with lesser doubt.
Straight inside your eagerly awaiting mouth.
Through parellel lines running due South.

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