Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Flame Out

Flame out
February 2008
Cleaved in two, but not half.
So funny we forgot to laugh.
Deep scar tissue connection.
Instantly gratified rejection.
Another neck exposed rave.
Hopeful for some kind of save.
Getting uglier everyday.
Less than a hallow stay.
A place to rest this head.
Starving and always fed.
A quick turn.
Silent distant fight.
We still burn.
Only not so bright.



February 2008

Stay out while air is still in the tank.
Once again everything is broken.
Pinching closed an early meltdown.
Too late to plan over failure.

You thought it was finally over.
Time for a promised victory.
Move to a new mountain of issues.
A different leg of this fix mission.

A key to come over.
You took the covers off the plates.
Still nothing to say
and no questions made.

Continue your useless task.
You written words sell you out.
Space between calls sells.
Dial tones ring knockout.

You’ve cancelled again.
Recharging this latest tragedy.
Another cold button to fasten
and a warm buttons to press.
Your thigh turns cold.
My demeanor spins evil.
Almost reached your inner core.
With food we never needed.
Change the order, it'll be fine.
My perfect little valentine.
Burning lips freeze then crack.
Yet your eyes simply spit black.

Thursday, February 07, 2008


Cry For Trust

"Cry For Trust"
February 2008
Don't you trust me?
Don't you dare trust me.

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