Monday, January 26, 2009



January 2009
Don't believe what you see. Their well placed tricks are made to sway you. They want you scared and willing to do whatever they tell you. All the shit that's fit to print. What they deem necessary. They call it news.
Your eyes will grow smaller and your mouth much bigger. The appetite to buy that which you'll never need consumes you. Eat, spend, worry... then cry about it. Become the vulnerable lumpy clod they potty-trained you to be. Get out there and follow traffic to more crowded confusion. Be one with the rest of the flock. Rest on your fat head on that designer pillow. Close those tired tiny eyes.

Sunday, January 18, 2009


Vas Deferens

"Vas Deferens"

January 2009

I've come to this party to see your place. Just so you can slap my face. One more empty letter to solidify this tomb. I'm never leaving this room. This shaking anxiety won't quit. I'd be better off pranoid. A simple wooden white lie. To feel something other than abandoned. Leave what passed in the past. I'll deal with jealosusly when I get there. Skip to read only the last chapter. Five pages deep it becomes a coaster. Needing attention simply to entertain. Scratch away the winter itch. Shoot out with skillful frenzy. Dry off the clinging freezer burn. Make it all go away. Ten hot seconds at a time. That thing that makes it happen. Over and over and over again. But it's never over with you. My fragile memory won't allow it. You've been the only girl for me. So glad you've stuck with him. Just waiting for this conversation to end. Patiently awaiting another accident. I've come this far just to see your face. So now you can put me in my place. One more letter to decorate my room. I'm never leaving this tomb.

Thursday, January 08, 2009



January 2009
When you feel your life has no worth.
You search for that one shining star
that burned out a long time ago.
You let the weather make up your mind.
To clean up that mess you left behind.
Stuffed in a bag and shoved into someone elses closet.
Clip the pieces and save them in a box in some corner.
Drive in circles waiting for an opportunity.
All to waste an hour or another dark night.
Slowly rotten. Quietly forgotten.
Another stupid fuckin story.
Because it sounded good in my head.
Then I spoke and wrecked everything again.

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