Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Judgement Proof

"Judgement Proof"
May 2009
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Monday, May 18, 2009


Connect Four

"Connect Four"
May 2009
My final lie settles on top of your shit-list.
It may be our thing, but this one is on me.
Carrying the load because we are not smart enough to drop it on someone else.
Those were easier times when I was making everyone cry and you were running.
Erroneously electing another actor king.
Now everyone points fingers while my hand is nestled under your head.
Everything falls into it's own place.
Even if now we act out of character.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009


Held Against You

"Held Against You"
May 2009
That time of insanity was never forgotten.
The way it spun out was simply rotten.
Somehow I'm the one who made things worse.
Stripped the screw until it rounded.
Hammered it into the wall to no longer be seen.
Away and hidden from what was.
I'd fall to pieces if you ever found me.
Know that I can not let it go.
Understand that I have to let you go.
Know that I will not let you know.
These parts never seem to match.
Could be your sister or your mother.
Constantly editing and even morphing.
Renaming examples for an easier find.
Unable to place things where they belong.
An ashtray dropped on a decorative grey rug.
My war partner covers me.
Understand that it's time for you to go.
Know that I can not have you know.
Understand that I can not let this go.
Slowly I've become dangerous.
You do your best to turn the screw.
The sum of your parts will never do.
You're only pushing me to disconnect.
Caressing me for the trouble I started.
Leaving me completely uninvolved.
Right the fuck where I belong.

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