Monday, May 12, 2008




May 2008

I'm secretly defending you again. Making excuses for your lack of interest.

You won't stop until I say the words you long to hear.

I won't stop unless you tell me.


Completely Defeated

"Completely Defeated"

May 2008

I've turned around to find you've turned on me.

Everything is backwards and nothing much makes sense.

Punished for averting disaster.

It came anyway.

Made my bed, i'll die in it alone.

Every night, this life is over again.

Awake to find fragments of all the disappointments i've made.

Fight my way through the day.

I'm thinking of you, therefore you're thinking about me.

You've won and you stop yourself from seeing all that i've lost.

You shouldn't care, so I won't blame you.

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