Thursday, March 20, 2008


The Love You Hide Away

"The Love You Hide Away"
March 2008
I heard you call
and so I came.
It’s you I treat,
within this meet.
We don’t have to start.
Open up your heart.
Things we won’t reveal.
Affection we steal.
Someone you can save.
Silent as a grave.
Nothing must be said.
Just lie here in bed.
Another quiet night.
To make everything right.
With words you dare not say.
The love you hide away.


One Step Ahead

"On Step Ahead"
March 2008
Some days you crawl
to not be found.
Sometimes you hunt,
find me pleasing.
Then there are times
where we lock eyes
and you decide
to bury me.



March 2008
Your work's been seen before.
That sick fuck face of yours.
No one is fooled anymore to
that fake religion in your head.
Wear it like a hat to stop another heart.
Cry your tulip tears for someone else.
Then mask your face and hide at night.
A burning finger won't cook for you.
These children are not your friends.
It's all part of a great big party plan
and you're not included.
You're invited to leave.
So wrap your head around that.

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