Monday, June 15, 2009


Hard Feelings

"Hard Feelings"
June 2009
It was so dificult to breathe.
Always fearing the ebb and flow of blood inside.
She picked up on the scent and got carried away.
We were dead meat floundering on a sea of blue.
Since then I've never been sure of what was real.
I'd get turned on whenever she would cry.
With time passing I've been her savior.
From the sidelines i'd scream encouragement.
Anything to alleviate the pain and fear.
Drowning to keep her lifeless body afloat.
Then she began to take from another.
And still I was left to be blamed.
I left with nothing while she danced round taking.
She who has it all and hasn't learned a thing.
Yet this hypocrite can never be bothered.
Labeled an albatross while waiting for company.
I gave her everything I never could give.
Simply by giving in and swimming away.

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