Thursday, April 23, 2009



April 2009
Another apology is in order. I grow tired of my own lies. The ties that binds will soon collide. That fatal flaw will finally put me over. Right there in the middle. The core of my being put to the test. Yet I never promised. That's not something I do. You'll hold it against me. To stick it in my craw. Then bleed me some more.
I've let go and spiraled out for too long. Uncoiled, unchecked, and untamed. I learned by listening to you. Yet I never said a thing. I quit that too. You sweetly slid and melted down my shoulder and held yourself up against my chest. Looking up you say some nonesense. Then I remind you there's a lie in believe.

Did you write that?

Love, Spring
Very touching piece. It struck a nerve and I felt the need to tell you how true the words seem to be. I guess everyone can relate to this piece who has ever felt that they gave more in a relationship to an unavailable person.
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