Sunday, October 12, 2008


Behind The Armor 2

"Behind The Armor 2"
October 2008
Protect yourself at all times.
Beware the misinformation that feeds you.
It runs through your mind all the time.

As raveled thoughts roam my mind
I'm struggling to locate the strength
Obscured in the unknown depths
To make sense of what I've been given

...We've crossed paths before
The stench of naivety is still fresh
You blurred the line between dreams
And the cold cradle of reality

I never wanted to lock eyes with you again

Turning my back on the life you've shown
Yet every corner I turned there you were
As if teasing me to lock souls once more
...what a persistent spirit you are

Now infused with the light of your presence
I'm certain it was your duty to free me
of the eternal web I've tangled myself in
With hopeless dreams and underlying faith

Maybe they were my armor?
To keep myself from letting you in
For I think, wait no, I am certain
Would I lose myself if I gave in?

How a word that once held no meaning
Now lets me embrace the world with new eyes
Able to unhinge the mask from my face.

We might not have gotten along before
And I was hesitant to open the bolted door
Yes I still have fear that you might leave
But you've taught me to always believe

With arms flung open, I tempt you near :)
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