Wednesday, July 16, 2008


The Opposite Of Building

"The Opposite Of Building"
July 2008
The key to your heart swings in the breeze.
This escapable truth makes me freeze.
I just like the way you look at me.
Rejuvenate you with my key.
Telling you to turn it off.
Instead you breath heavy and cough.
Watching every move two by two.
After all, that's what towers do.

It swallows me whole, it locks tight with hard fists, it forces me back and around me it twists. Locking my neck, arms, heart and wrists. This... I carry is silent.
Unhinged and deadly, I sway with it's rocking. My brain is pushed backwards, all sense is knocking. Won't finish it's course. No, there is no way of stopping... a beast with it's jaws- deadly and violent.
Trying to run from it's endless harm, slowly becoming seduced by it's charm, and it scares me... now, the warnings alarm.
I am beginning to enjoy the abuse.
So, If it should fall I'll let it throttle my bones.
My heart takes a whipping, my body, it groans.
Surrendering the blue print, My movement, it slows.
Love is my enemy, will I give in? Shut it off? I refuse! :)
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