Tuesday, July 08, 2008


Mourning Sickness

"Mourning Sickness"

July 2008

This time we didn't think. Furtively we battled while tumbling down the stairs. Enjoying the process half awake. Taking our careless time giving in with mutual common sense. Now you're gone. Leaving endless messages in this time of grief. I miss you like a moth misses flame. Wanting to lament how much I do not fear this. Right now I'd walk through fire to get to you. You woke me up again and slowly my bed changes from blue to gold. Still you're gone. Alone I fumble for my keys and split the door open with my head. We're both sick inside each other. I'm using your hardship and you're using me while I'm hard to turn me into someone else. This time I just don't mind. I can't. I can't remember what I said to you, or you...or you. I'm relishing your loving caress. While still mourning my future loss.

I like this one:)
heeeee:) xo
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