Tuesday, April 18, 2006



"Refrigerator"Top section

Work in progress/ started in 2002

This here is the top section, or the freezer area, of my refrigerator. Yes, it is the same refrigerator I put my cheese and soda in.

Ever since I moved into my current apartment I've been pasting cut-out pieces of superhero heads, actors faces, photos of friends, etc. Just a fun past time and a way to sharpen my collage skills.

The larger bottom portion will be posted some time in the future. Be very afraid.

ja ja nice marco!!! I did the same thing with the Costa Rican Rock bands in the 90's, but in my closet door and when we move to the new house (the one you know)we put away my closet :( I dying to see the rest of your refrigerator!!!
Thanks Silvia

Isn't that collage stuff fun? I wish i could do that stuff for a living.
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