Monday, March 06, 2006


Most Painful Lesson

"Most Painful Lesson"
March 2005

It's about sacrifice.

deep sea rainforest Torquemada under a microscope
I love them all but this is my favorite one...
Jago: nice observation. Stay tuned, there's plenty more of that microscopic torquemada coming your way.
By the way, i enjoyed your blog. Those are some beautiful photographs.
Jennifer: Thank you for thinking of MPL as your favorite. I'm sure if you keep checking back you'll find another piece that you will enjoy just as much, or better.

I'm always working on making the art better both in concept and beauty.
amanda sent me your site...beautiful, all beautiful
Thanks Paige. It's nice of you to comment on the blog. Keep coming back, i'm adding art everyday. Be sure to thank Amanda for me.
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