Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Nine Months

"Nine Months. Rebirth After Death"

June 1997

This piece happens to be the last page of my sketch book from '97. I was finally coming home after spending 11 months in Italy. I was so sure i'd never make it back. Kept thinking that the airplane would crash just before i set foot back in the states. Shitty feeling. Stupidly enough i thought i'd never be able to fit back into that New York state of mind. I had lived so slow and peaceful out there. Still today i'm not sure if i prefer the quiet calm or the busy hustle . Maybe i'm somewhere in the middle.

Picture in a picture with tons of empty bottles.

i like this one very much! congratulations on your new blog!
Thanks. Sal showed me that magazine you and your yarned So Softie buddies were featured in. Good going.
Your blog is magnificant.
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